We all know about the importance of a secure connection when going online. This is why when those who own their own website look to add extra protection to their site they turn to SSL. In today’s Internet focused world, the SSL protocol is most commonly known as the security precaution that is used when a web browser needs to connect to a web server safely. The secure socket layer, or SSL, is the most widely deployed security protocol in use today. It is a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines that are operating over the Internet.

What Exactly is SSL?

On a more technical level, SSL is a transparent protocol that requires little interaction from the user when establishing a secure connection. It is a standard security technology that is used to establish an encrypted link between a web server and browsers, allowing them to remain private and integral. They are an industry standard that is used by millions of website owners in order to protect both their online transactions and their data.

How Do I Know When a Site Has SSL?

When using the web you know you’ve accessed a secure connection when you see the browser display a padlock. Or, when the web address in the address bar displays a padlock and a green bar. A SSL is a great way to deliver an incredibly simple experience for website visitors and is completely reliable.

How Do I Get SSL?

The only thing you need in order to create an SSL connection is a web server and an SSL certificate. In order to activate a SSL on your web server you will have to complete a number of questions about the identity of your website and your business. Once you’ve established your information your web server then creates two cryptographic keys, a private key and a public key. The public key doesn’t need to be secret and is placed into a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), which is a data file that contains all your server’s details. Once you submit your CSR, the Certification Authority will validate your details and issue you a SSL Certificate that contains your information and activates the SSL for your site. Now your web server is able to establish an encrypted link between your website and your customer’s web browser.

All of this can be very overwhelming to those who aren’t technically savvy. This is where we come in. Let us set up a secure socket layer for your business while you focus on the more important things like your consumers. While other SSL providers are known for their overwhelming prices we aim to provide quality SSL service at an affordable price. While not all websites need to have an SSL certificate, there are certain types of sites where it is required. If your customers are providing you with extremely important and personal information then you should take precautions and help protect that information.

Powerscribe can help you protect your business from criminals and those that are trying to steal your business or consumers information. SSL not only benefits your business it also benefits your customer. As the key to securing your most sensitive information many business can’t afford to go without it.