Did you know that when you place a phone call using a landline or mobile phone you are using the Public Switched Telephone Network, also known as PSTN? The PSTN is a system that operates by using a circuit-switched telephony, which is a system that works by setting up a dedicated channel between two points for the duration of any phone call that is made. This system is designed to be based around copper wires that carry analog voice data over the circuits involved. In order to connect one phone to another, phone calls are routed through numerous switches on a local, regional, national, and even international level. This connection between two phones once established is called a circuit.

A Brief History of the Public Switched Telephone Network

In the past, phone calls traveled across copper wire. With every phone call needing its own dedicated copper wire connecting the two phones. This is why you needed operators’ assistance in order to make a call. The operators sat at a switchboard and literally connected one piece of copper wire to another in order to let the call travel across town or across the country, which is why long-distance calls were significantly more expensive than local calls since a very long piece of copper wire is required every time you make a phone call.

Benefits of the PSTN

With the Public Switched Telephone Network you have access to

  • Dedicated lines
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Hardwired landline phones that stay active even during outages
  • Location tracing when placing 911 calls
  • And much more.

The PSTN is the complete aggregate of the world’s telephone networks. These networks are operated by national, regional and local telephone operators, providing services for public telecommunication methods. It consists of a variety of structures like telephone lines, fiber optic cables, cellular networks, communications satellites, and more. All interconnected by switching centers that allow any telephone to communicate with any other telephone in the world. Originally a fixed line analog telephone system, the PSTN is now almost entirely digital.

Powerscribe PSTN Services

One of the biggest benefits of a PSTN-based business is that the phone system is one of the most familiar systems around. Powerscribe can help you setup your PSTN services quickly and easily. With no additional software or hardware required it is very simple to get started with our PSTN services with no learning curve or training required. But, like all things there are some faults to the PSTN system. It ultimately falls short when it comes to how much it costs. When compared to VoIP (voice over internet protocol), traditional landlines can end up costing much more. Especially when adding features like long-distance calling, toll-free numbers, call forwarding and more.

While the savings you can have with VoIP services may be enticing, you will end up paying jut as much or more for the software and hardware that is needed in order to use a VoIP. Like routers, wiring and the cost to install the service. Let us provide all your PSTN needs and enjoy quality calls at an affordable price.