Low Cost Landline Rental & Calls

Dog on the phoneToday, it is a necessity for businesses to be able to communicate with their current clients as well as potential clients. Most of the time this is done through email or other online methods like contact forms, but there are still plenty of consumers who love being able to pick up the phone and call a company directly. Luckily with all the advancements in technology the pricing options for landlines are better than ever.

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At Powerscribe, we are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions for their landline needs at a price that is ideal for them and their business. There are no gimmicks or commitments or small print that you need to be aware of. The price arrangement you agree to upfront is what you will be billed for and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the service we provide, our low contract periods give you the flexibility to be able to change your mind whenever you want. Compared to other landline rental suppliers our customers experience significant savings with our services and receive a more simplistic billing system that explains what every charge is coming from.

Our Landline Rental & Call Services Include
  • Per Second Billing. While many other providers bill you for simply having their service we only bill you for the time you actually spend on a call. Instead of rounding up to the nearest whole minute you are only billed for every second you stay on the call making your billing as clear and easy for you to understand as possible.
  • Free Fully Itemized Billing. Any phone calls you make or received will be logged into your billing pages and completely accessible through our control panel. You can see the calls you made along with any statistics for your account available. The control panel is updated every 24 hours so you can see all of your calls rapidly and address any concerns you may have quickly.
  • No Minimum Obligations. By not having to pay a minimum call charge like with other landline providers you can easily save a lot of money by using our services. If you only make a phone call that lasts 25 seconds, then you are only billed for those 25 seconds. No more, no less. You are not obligated to reach a certain amount of minutes or to even make a certain amount of phone calls during your contract. This means that any business can benefit from our low cost calls no matter what their size is.

Over the years many phone companies have increased the cost of being able to have a landline cutting into the expenses of many businesses that find it necessary to have a landline. You won’t experience that with Powerscribe. When looking for a good company to rent your landline from it is important to look at both the cost of the line rental and the charges for making calls. We help you save money without compromising on any features or quality of product. With Powerscribe you can rest assured that you are getting the best price possible along with the best service available.