Leased Lines

If you have a need for high speeds than you can’t get speed any faster or more reliable than through a leased line. For years they were mostly used by large businesses that could afford the high rates. Though, with the latest advancements in technology the price is continuously dropping and leased lines are becoming just as affordable for small businesses.

What Is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a private high-performance circuit that is leased by a common carrier and contained between a customer and a service provider’s network. Leased lines are mostly used for public Internet access, through an internet leased line, or is used privately between two customer sites, which is known as point to point leased lines. Leased lines are different from both dial-up and broadband connections. Unlike dial-up connections, leased lines are always active and unlike broadband connections, leased lines aren’t shared making them capable of delivering a dedicated guaranteed bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the entire volume of information that an Internet connection can handle. As a connection’s bandwidth increases, so does the amount of data that can flow during a period of time. This means that the higher a bandwidth is the faster a certain amount of data can move over an Internet connection. It can be tailored to a company’s exact requirements with speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 1000 Mbps.

Leased lines are made up of the following components;

  • A router, which is usually managed by the service provider.
  • A local loop circuit, which is provided by the carrier and links the router to the service provider’s local point of presence (POP).
  • A black haul circuit. This depends on your location and can be used to link a customer to the service provider’s POP which connects to the Internet gateway.
What Businesses Need Leased Lines?

Most of the businesses that benefit from using a leased line are those that need;

  • High quality 24/7 access to the Internet
  • To run critical applications
  • Fast upstream speeds
  • To view their server’s bandwidth statistics
Advantages of Leased Lines

There are a number of advantages to leased lines. They are extremely secure since they are dedicated solely to the customer. They are known for their resilience, dependability and wide range of speed options. Although they can be a bit expensive to install and rent the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Leased Line Services

Take all the stress and confusion out of setting up your leased line by letting us do all the work for you. With our service level agreements you are guaranteed to have a member of our staff working on any issues you may have regardless of whose fault it is or what time of day it may be. You will have access to your leased lines without any usage or traffic restriction allowing you to download all day, every day at full speed, regardless of what kind of traffic is occurring.

Having a leased line gives your business the reassurance that you will always have a working flow of information. Through our dedicated lease line services Powerscribe offers businesses a more reliable and secure service option. Our goal is to offer the best quality service at an incredibly affordable price.