Interactive Technology

It’s a known fact that people learn differently. Some are visual learners, while others believe that hands-on tasks are the best way to learn. Whether you are implementing learning technology to teach a classroom or for your business’ employees, interactive technologies are the prime way to implement your learning strategy. There are many types of interactive technologies, with each learning tool containing different attributes. With interactive technology, you can ensure that your participants are gaining the knowledge and skills that they need to do well in either the educational or business setting. Below are a few examples of Powerscribe’s interactive technologies.


For most people, the learning process is ineffective if it isn’t fun and engaging. People have a short attention span, and boring activities can not only lead to a lack of retention, but it can also cause disinterest. To solve this issue, one of the most popular interactive technologies was developed. Gamification is the process of using interactive gaming platforms to teach participants concepts. Gamification can be presented on either large screens or personalized tablets. This type of teaching method is most useful in the educational setting where teachers are constantly vying for their student’s attention and participation.

Active Tables

Another popular mechanism to present interactive technology for learning purposes are active tables. Active tables contain interactive learning software. This software best applies to tasks where participants need to collaborate in order to reach an end goal. Collaboration enhances not only the ability of the participant’s to learn, but it also pushes them partake in teamwork. Therefore, with activity tables, you can teach the skills that are necessary for the workplace or educational setting.

Whiteboard Technology

Whiteboards have seriously progressed from their traditional board and market state. These days, white board technology is the leading technology that classrooms and businesses use to improve learning outcomes in students and employees. The whiteboard technology is innovative because it allows for the use of technology to present dynamic lessons, record information in digital ink, and save any progress inscribed on the board. Whiteboard technology comes in many sizes and forms. With Powerscribe’s help, you can attain the whiteboard technology that you are looking for to meet your needs.

Interactive Response Systems

The best way to attain the participation of students and employees during a presentation or learning activity is through an interactive response system. An interactive response system allows participants to respond in real time to questions asked to them. The responses are then recorded and projected onto a presentation mechanism for both the presenter and participants to see. This type of participation system is effective because it causes everyone to take part and it also reduces the pressures of singling out sole responders.

At Powerscribe, our interactive technologies are some of the best in the field. Our services provide you with the effective and solid results that you are looking for in either your business or classroom setting. Our specialists can also alter the systems to incorporate specific technology attributes to that you get the most from your technology.