Imaging and Branding

In today’s world it’s all about your brand’s image. But, what many businesses don’t understand is what exactly does imaging and branding mean? Are they the same thing? Or is there a significant difference between the two? Basically they have pretty much the same meaning but imaging has to do with what your current or potential customers actually see and branding deals more with how trustworthy they perceive your business to be.

Why is Imaging and Branding Important?

Branding your company whether small, large or medium-sized is essential to your business’ success. It is the fastest way for your company to show consumers who they are and what they have to offer. If you don’t send out the correct message from the start of your new business you could make it even more difficult for your brand to receive attention because consumers won’t understand why your business even exists in the first place.

Imaging vs. Branding

For many small businesses and startups, imaging can take a backseat to other things considered more important like product development or funding. The fact is that by developing your business’ image and brand from the start can be the key to your business’ success and open doors to more funding opportunities you would have had launching without a proper image. There aren’t a lot of differences between imaging and branding but here’s a quick look at the major ones.


The words, graphics, and colors you use are all a part of your business’ image. If you use them on print media like brochures and flyers, online media like websites and banners or alternative media tools like TV ads they are all a part of your image.


Most of the time the first thing people associate with a brand is their logo. This logo is the first impression people have of your company so you want to make it something memorable. Your logo must represent your company accurately and give your consumers the right impression about what your services are. Otherwise you could end up losing customers that feel like your branding strategy doesn’t correctly represent what you are offering. Your company’s branding doesn’t solely rely on your logo, though. It is only a part of your customer’s entire experience. In order to create the best experience for your customer they have to not only feel like your logo is perfect for your company but they also have to feel like they can trust your company to deliver the best product or service compared to all your competitors.

At Powerscribe, we understand that it is a delicate process trying to develop a business image. Which is why our experts work overtime to help guide you through this process and provide you with all the components necessary to build a successful branding and imaging campaign. From your logo to your tag line to your media presence we work with you step-by-step. So whether you’re starting a new brand or trying to breathe life into an old brand we will be there to guide you from start to finish.