Hosted Exchange

Touch screen mobile phoneMany business owners hear about using hosted exchange for their website but most don’t even know what hosted exchange really is. Hosted exchange is the extra security your business needs to operate correctly. Through anti-spam and anti-virus scans along with SSL encryption for your emails hosted exchange keeps your information protected. In the past, hosting services were done on business premises which meant that businesses would buy the server they needed, pay for any licenses needed, then wait for an IT person to come out and install it and maintain it. Today exchange servers are installed and managed all in the cloud. This saves businesses because there are no upfront fees and all the security of an exchange server without the overhead costs.

Features of Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is an essential asset to many business’ interactions with their consumers. Some of the core features of hosted exchange are:

  • Custom Mailboxes. Create your own custom email with your domain and it will not only make your business look more professional it will improve your customers experience with your business.
  • Spam & Virus Filtering. For businesses that need their emails scanned when they are delivered externally we offer anti-spam & anti-virus scans. Once scanned your email is delivered to a specific server address but if its destination is unavailable at the time it will remain queued for up to 7 days.
  • SquirrelMail & RoundCube. These are both extremely popular open source webmail programs. Both have clean interfaces that make the users experience much better than traditional webmail applications.
Powerscribe Hosted Exchange Services
  • Catch-all Email Services. Sometimes your clients just don’t spell your email right. Well, with catch-all email services even if your consumers misspell your address you will be able to see it. While you will notice an increase in spam emails you will never miss out on a potential new client due to a little mistake like a misspelled address.
  • Outlook Web App and Auto-setup. With our hosted exchange services you can easily manage your mail from any browser on any computer at any moment. We can set up an Outlook account for you quickly and easily and have your email up and running in no time.
  • SSL Encryption. The purpose of SSL encryption is to hide any information that is in your email when it is being sent to your recipient. E-mails are most susceptible to hackers during transmission so by encrypting you are completely securing your email from attacks.
  • Unlimited Auto-Responders. If you are going to be out of the office or you want to set up an email campaign that automatically sends message to those who send an email to a specific address then auto-responders will be your best friend. You can set them up to send an immediate response to any new mail that is coming into your mailbox. With our hosted exchange services you can create an unlimited amount for every account you have with us.
  • Migration Services. If the thought of having to transfer your hosted exchange services from one company to another makes you feel overwhelmed then let us handle all the work for you. Our team can take care of the technical details while you focus on your business.

Running a business can be very complicated and extremely time consuming. Let us help you by performing all your hosted exchange needs from installation to maintenance to any upgrades you may need in the future. Our 99.98% uptime guarantee ensures that you can stay focused on your business without having to worry about the little things like making sure your exchange server is up and running. Make your business more competitive by signing up with a company that is there for you.