E-Learning & Interpretive Design

The world of education is changing. These days, educators are opting for more technology based solutions to meet the needs of a generation highly reliant upon digital media. To facilitate a better teaching and learning process for educators, students, and businesses, Powerscribe aims to bring you e-learning and interpretive design application technology to facilitate your needs. We work to bring you a varied range of applications for many of your e-learning and interpretive design needs. The following is a description of our main types of services and how these services can enhance the performance of your education or business processes.

E-Learning Modules

The module system for e-learning is one of the most effective for any of your needs. This type of module is comprised of a number of modules that encompasses a certain learning concept. The benefit of this type of system is that users who use the modules have the opportunity to review the modules whenever they get the chance. As the participant utilises the modules, the managers are able to track the participant’s progress. This is important because it provides managers the ability to see where the participants are in the module process and whether the modules themselves are an effective learning tool for their participants.

Developing Modules

Powerscribe can ensure that your needs are met by developing modules to suit your needs. The modules can incorporate a range of multimedia solutions such as audio, graphics, and animation. These types of multimedia solutions are especially helpful when you have a participants with a range of learning needs. The multimedia content is one of the most effective ways to relay information to the participants so that they attain the valuable knowledge that they need to succeed.

Learning Management Systems

This type of system is one of the key concepts of e-learning. With learning management systems software, you’ll be able to deliver, track, and manage the education and training that you are providing your participants. The beneficial aspect of this system is it provides assessment methods for both the instructor and the participant. By being able to track progress, participants and educators are best able to realize what areas need improvement and then develop strategies to improve those areas. In addition, when using a learning management system, Powerscribe is able to help incorporate the system for a number of purposes such as supplement, specific courses, or teaching method enhancement.

Interpretive Design

Finally, Powerscribe also offers you the opportunity to implement interpretive design. Interpretive design, is a type of graphic design learning strategy. This strategy enables learners to grasp abstract ideas through the use of diagrams, simulations, animations, and more. This specific type of learning strategy is extremely useful for visual learners because it essentially uses images to help work through how a certain law, theory, or machine works.

Choosing the right e-learning strategy is what will determine whether your participants and educators get the most out of the product. At Powerscribe, we commit to providing you with the best quality solutions so you can achieve your goals.