Dedicated Hosting Servers

Many businesses when they are just starting out sign up for hosting without really doing any research about the company that they are using. As their web site grows they begin to notice their site starting to load slower and slower. This is because they are not using a dedicated server.

What Is a Dedicated Hosting Server?

A dedicated server is a computer connected to the Internet and devoted entirely to one account. When compared to shared hosting, where a server acts as a host for multiple accounts, a dedicated server can be set up in-house or externally through a data center.

How Do I Know I need a Dedicated Hosting Service?

There isn’t one particular signal that indicates when your web site or you are ready for a dedicated server. There are usually several different factors that go into determining if you need to make the move to a dedicated server. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Page load times increasing
  • Multiple error messages due to high traffic
  • Pages not being served due to server overload

If you don’t know how to figure out if your site is suffering from these common problems then you can simply visit your web site during times when you know your traffic is at its peak and see if you experience any performance issues. If you have any site monitoring tools you can also check those to see if any errors have been logged.

The biggest reason many businesses make the switch to a dedicated server is because of the customization options. Shared web hosting plans offer a variety of software options, but in order to access updated versions you have to wait for the Web host to change it on their server because it affects every web site they are hosting, not just yours. With a dedicated server you can install any software you want at any time.

Powerscribe Dedicated Hosting Services

If you’re not confident in your ability to install or upgrade your server to a dedicated host then let us do the work for you. We work to maintain your server so that you can focus on delivering great service to your customers. Get a server that’s dedicated to you and you will have complete control and power over your website as well as increased security. Our committed experts work to make sure that your site stays online so you can rest easy. With our dedicated hosting services you will have access to our support that can help you at any step and can be reached by phone or email. Our goal is to help you succeed. Which is why we also supply our customers with helpful files that teach you how to complete different things within the control panel for you to reference.

While all businesses may not need to have a dedicated host server there’s no denying the increase in security and peace of mind it provides those who upgrade. Take your business to the next level by getting your own dedicated server and your business will thank you.