ADSL and Fibre Broadband

Broadband search.If you want a better solution to your ADSL and fibre broadband connections than the standard home solutions then you have come to the right place. Our broadband connection services will have your company benefitting from higher upload speeds and guaranteed performance increases in no time. So no more worrying about whether your connections are working correctly during your peak hours so you can focus less on the technical issues and more on your business.

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As a business owner that knows how important broadband is you may have been hearing a lot about fibre broadband recently. It is pretty much the future of broadband, but the question is how much do you really know about ADSL or fibre broadband? It may look pretty enticing with its promises of superfast Internet speeds but before you go off and completely switch over, you should learn some of the main differences between ADSL and fibre broadbands so you can make the best decision for your business.

ADSL, which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is one that uses copper lines that are already in place and being used for landline phones. It’s pretty similar to dial-up but it doesn’t use the same frequency as your telephone line so you can make phone calls while still having an internet connection. The downside to ADSL is that after a certain distance the signal will degrade and the connection will worsen. Also, the copper wire limits the speed of your connection at a certain point.

Fibre broadband uses light impulses to carry data instead of electrical impulses like copper wires do. The light bounces down a glass fibre tube and when the light rays bounce at a certain angle and escape the tube it causes a bandwidth to be formed. This makes it much faster and more reliable than ADSL with increased upload speeds and downloading capabilities.

Powerscribe ADSL and Fibre Broadband Services
  • 1-Month Contracts. Unlike most internet service provider’s we do not require businesses to sign up for long-term contracts. We believe in our broadband services so we offer all of our customer’s the ability to sign up for 1-month contracts with no strings attached or penalties.
  • Capped & Unlimited Broadband Packages. Whether you prefer to restrict your broadband usage or make it unlimited we have the solution for you. We offer both capped and unlimited broadband packages. If you choose a capped package we also send out warnings if a connection will exceed your limit along with various options to choose from on how you want to remedy any overages you may encoun
  • Static & Routed IP Addresses. Easily assign static or routed IP addresses for every broadband connection you have with our IP pools. If you don’t need them after a while you can easily remove them and go back to a dynamic IP address.

If your business relies on high upload speeds then you need a company that can provide you with broadband services that can meet those needs. If you send large volumes of files over broadband like system backups often then it is crucial that you have the highest uptime and fastest download speeds possible. Otherwise, you could end up losing significant data for your business and nobody wants that.